I am Autistic not retarded

I cannot find ways to talk sometimes and express my thoughts , writing gets everything out .

If I could write what’s in my head so much about me you’d understand .

Stop being offended when I can’t talk , I cannot tie my shoes , but I can write five page detailed papers on theology .

I am labeled retarded and people try to shame me , my thoughts move faster than the output of my words I cannot always speak what matches my thoughts I cannot hold a rag flat I have to ball it up

I see things differently

And I modify what you say

You talk and it’s a puzzle

I laugh at the wrong moments

I talk to you without ever looking at your face

I never leave my house unless it’s Wednesday

I hate noise

I hate crowds

I have a teddy bear

I hate things that are loud

Colors shouldn’t mix unless we are talking about race

Food shouldn’t touch unless it’s casserole

Ice cream tastes like milk milk I do not drink milk comes back up milk tastes to strong

Milk is in cheese no cheese for me please

I cannot tell time

I do not comprehend math

But I can write speeches presentable for presidents

Don’t get mad if I don’t talk it’s a task for me my ears are fine but your words are a puzzle

Scrambled as they come to me

I’m trying to fit the peices

Stop calling me retarded I am not retarded

I just see the world differently and sometimes have fits just give me a pen and paper so I can help you understand it .


4 thoughts on “I am Autistic not retarded

  1. Seeing the world differently is not bad, you might understand it better than others from that different perspective.
    Writing is creating your world, just like you create it when you listen to pure music. It extends you and make you more whole.

    Keep on!

    Have a Nice and Blessed Day!

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