Dear ,Mr Avenatti . An open letter.

Dear MICHAEL , Hello I am Tes. Or as you know me from from Twitter NC Liberal .I am writing to say thank you for service .

There are kids in cages and midterms are coming , yet you seek a bigger picture .

You seek the presidency , the oval . Your credentials as I have read are that politically you worked on nearly 150 campaigns and spent 5 years working for a political consulting firm ran by another favorite guy of mines from The Obama administration Rahm Emanuel .

Sir I am not against you taking down this administration as they rip away at healthcare , abuse children and alienate our allies .

But dear sir what I am against is agendas. Already being used as a presidential pawn build 45s wall or he will shut down the government , issues like DACA the immigration crisis is being used as a photo op moment people seem to be more so capitalising on the issue to increase their popularity than doing it to actually help people .

What sets you apart is I watch you on Twitter the way you respond to people is more than what I can say about others with a ✔ by their name sir. You show that everyone counts.

Despite people personally reaching out to me telling me that you blocked them and you bashed HRC . I think if you did that you should unblock them .

To many your choice to make a 2020 run is not different from the very man you call out every day sir .

Because you are seen as a celebrity , a rockstar lawyer .While tweeting your fight it raises your name and the question becomes are you in this fight for the people or to further a presidential run ?

Just as I told you over DM if Joe Kennedy doesn’t run I would vote for you .But I know Joe’s record , his work , his passion his morals .

Joe flew to the border on Father’s day aderessed the crowd in Spanish , tried to demand entrance into the facility and was denied .

Joe gave the stotu response .

Joe is set to be keynote at best of the west in September .

Joe spent 2 years in the peace corps in the areas these families flee from because they are poverty stricken and cartel over ran .

Have you checked the statistics on how many peoole die a year in Mexico because of drug cartel relations ?

Being president is not just taking jabs at 45 it is understanding why these people leave their land for a foreign but free one .

In an article I read it said you’d run if no qualified dems ran , the issue is not if qualified dems will run the issue is if you will get them a chance ?

Your destiny with all my heart I believe you are the man who could help impeach the president .

You’re a kind man , a descent man .

But if Kennedy’s name is on the ballot or any other democrat that is politically active fought for healthcare , fought against this administration. And stood up for the kids in cages in the primary I’ll choose them .But if you win I will vote for you no hesitation because I know your credentials .I also know celebrity in the oval is bad. Look at 45.

What this country is not looking for is air time listening to someone ahead of midterms one of the biggest elections in our lives talk about their presidential ambitions for 2020 , we need someone fighting to flip it blue , fighting to save these kids , someone who the people have urged to run the most powerful candidate is the one without a presidential agenda because if he or she runs , they run on the ideal that they are only running to serve the American people not running to be served by the American people .

We want hope not ego. Sir when people write me they say no ..not Avenatti he blocked me , he’s rude .

But I don’t blame you I blame other people who urge you to run , a good man can be ruined once he becomes a idiol.

I know I’m nobody , my voice doesn’t count but I wish you success and if there is qualified dems on the ballot like Joe Kennedy on the ballot in 2020 or Warren I’d hope that you have a better heart than Bernie in 2016 that you do not push a run and that you let our democracy restore itself with qualified democrats who serve , allowing them to lead and win .

If anything sir your career is phenomenal , you are heroic and intelligent and a fighter .You would be the greatest attorney general since Robert Kennedy .If you wanted that I’d gladly be on board .

But I’m not writing to bash you or to be rude you took the time to kindly respond to me writing you on a Friday night .I love your heart .

But I am asking for any qualified democrat that seeks the office in 2020 that would back off let the primary play out and instead of running , join a campaign and be a voice.

This is actually one of the hardest letters I’ve ever written because I think the world of you and your work . But I also think the world of the system our forefathers came up with people who run serve before the run then run , when that doesn’t happen we get celebrities in office with egos , who randomly tweet in the middle of the night , give false facts , their cabinet choices resign and get fired like a reality tv show and they treat humanity like a bargain instead of with compassion ,comprehension and morals.

Give qualified democrats a chance please sir. The only thing that puts my mind to rest about you is that I have looked up your credentials and they are great.

The problem is Ego destroys even those with great credentials and aspirations.

However I do look forward to continuing to watch your career for the next two years , as your growth. And I even look forward to the day you prove me wrong and show me this is the real thing this is not a presidential agenda.

I look forward to the day your speech gives hope like Joe Kennedy 3 , you spend 2 years in foreigb countries up close and personal with their battle not just visiting these inhumane trumo concentration camps but visiting their homes to understand why the flee here in the first place .

The presidential nomination is so much more than throwing jabs and uppercut at a corrupt administration its witnessing face to face the struggle of everyday peoole and making them understand that they like you , have a voice that they are not just a vote but an impact on the condition and success of this country.

Make a difference , show every one counts and you can create a revolution.

If you are trying to stop the 45 show don’t do it to start the Avenatti show do it to serve the American people and the migrant people that flee here for freedom .

You’re my fourth choice for 2020 : 1. Joe Kennedy III 2.Warren 3. Biden 4. You . 5. Booker .❤

Keep fighting sir, America is watching and cheering you on.🗽🌊


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