My open letter to MR Jeff Flake

Dear Mr Jeff Flake ,

Hello sir , I am a Democrat .

I am not a fan of your politics nor your actions .

Which is why I take deep pride and extreme gratitude in being able to say Thank you.

We are divided by policy , let’s not be divided by the measure of common humanity

You all the time speak of how bad our leadership is and what they are not doing , but today you took a stand and put humanity over party .

Your talk matched your walk .

The woman in the elevator poured her heart and her rage out to you , and you heard her .

While another women did the exact same thing to Lindsey Graham and reports say he replied , go tell the police .

You stood there and you listened , you then forced a fbi investigation.

Some are calling what you did a political move , I’m calling it a moral compass .

You used yours . I am a victim of sexual assault sir .

I am also autistic and my autism protected me from the the toll of the physical pain and for a while the emotional trauma as well .

What the woman did in the elevator was not just for her self but every woman or man who has ever been violated and abused .

What you did today was align yourself on the right side of history.

We will remember today , when you stood up for women , for our nation , for the people , for Dr Ford .

This letter is astonishing to me that I am writing it , because sir I am not a fan of yours and your politics.

But today I saw a different Jeff Flake, I saw a red faced , emotionally stirred Jeff Flake who followed what is right morally over playing follow the leader politics.

Today you were a leader sir.

Be a leader , continue to stand ! Yes we will disagree 99% of the time , but you have the power to show not just our nation the impact of what one great act on behalf of humanity can do but the entire world.

You can show the world that America is not Lindsey Graham , America is humanity over party.

You have a chance to redeem the GOP , show this nation that even in the midst of this great divide there has got to be someone on the conservative side with a shred of integrity , justice , compassion , leadership , humanity.

We are divided by policy , let’s not be divided by the measure of common humanity.

I’ve never and I mean never ..praised a republican .But your efforts are worthy of a thank you Today .

Because a one week delay on a sexual predator is better than a next Tuesday confirmation conclusion .

Dr Ford and the others deserve to be believed. As a survivor of sexual assault , I was afraid to tell anyone because I was intimidated by the power of one of my assaulters.

Everytime I hear his voice or see his face I cringe , there was a point in time in which I hated this man.

He threw his power around , and he’d say things like he’d throw me into a wall again or he’d beat my ass again.

His voice made me tremble, his presence intimidated me .

I have not yet dealt with my own trauma there , but i am happy to tell you I no longer live intimidated by him .

I see him as a coward , no real man has to violate a human being much less a child .

No real man chokes a child. No real man brags about physically abusing a child .

Sir you never get over what happened to you , that part of you nearly becomes numb.

Those memories stain your mind forever in fragments .Because for the life of me I cannot remember everything , the memories flash back in bits.

And maybe that’s best. Maybe mentally,I cannot fully handle everything that happened , memories are my words nightmare , scents , food , weather conditions every thing is connected to a memory for me that my mind tucked away and from time to time those memories strike me with emotional distress and physical bodily shaking , uncontrollable tears, self blame ..I often ask myself why I couldn’t remember such a terrible thing happening to me , so I could have told someone sooner .

But I’m sorry for going on and on .

I just thought you ought to know sir that what you did today isn’t about politics . what you did today is about every woman or man who have been violated sexually , you took a stand over your political power and ambitions , you chose humanity.

Sir please don’t let us down , stand your ground , stay on this road , we will absolutely disagree politically, but we can stand together in support of humanity .

Sir if you meant what you said today , in one week when its time to vote again , follow that moral compass that puts humanity over party . Vote No , on Kavanaugh .This isn’t about one political party beating another political party , your stand , your fight , your oath is to do what is right . you took a step to the right side of history , now make it a journey and if kavanaugh does not withdraw , Vote No , do not confirm , be the leader the GOP needs , not the complicit sheep it has.

You be that change , that compass , that humanity .

The world is watching Mr Flake.

Thank you for what you did today. And thank you to the brave woman in the elevator. Her courage to share her story , led to your courage to choose humanity over party.

Today you are on the right side of history. Don’t just take a step …make it a journey .


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