In loving you

It happened so suddenly I didn’t see you coming.

Everyday a brighter day,

Every smile a little deeper.

But then there it goes , every challenged I have faced , being bullied , broken and insecure .

I can’t tie my shoes ,

I have a low EQ.

All my insecurities are screaming so loudly and I know you love me no matter what , but part of me just doesn’t feel good enough.

I bundled up my challenges very well keeping them hidden rarely a soul would I tell .

Then you came along , and made it alright , for me to tell my secrets and share my life .

I failed in many things , yet I’ve never knew fear .

But now I know fear is failing at love , feeling inadequate wanting to be what you know you baby because you come with those physical and mental challenges .

I used to tell myself for that very reason to never fall in love , then you came along and I was tripping over myself till my heart landed in your hands , when your eyes met mine .

The truth in everyday that we learn something new about each other .

The ability to always express the truth and be unafraid that I won’t accept you or you , me .

That love that people spend their life searching for , I found in you , my once upon a time , my fairy tale come true.

Something made me feel not good enough like I’m just a girl , and I’m used to being your princess.

This is a new fear , love is blind , it sees what it wants to see so I ask myself how can you love me ?

Knowing I cannot drive , or tie my shoe .

There’s so many beautiful women out there , who don’t have the issues I face and are worthy of you but you choose me in all that you do.

I’m sorry my insecurities are out like a rain out of nowhere on a bright sunny day .

You’ve never made me feel not worthy , so why do I feel this way ? 😢


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